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"If folk music is about depth and delicacy and indie music excels at accessibility and infectiousness, then it is safe to say that Jeremy Engel walks a perfect line between the two camps"

Dave Franklin

(Music blog review - Dancing about architecture)

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Artist Bio

With his captivating voice and intimate storytelling, Jeremy Engel has a unique way of touching listener’s hearts.  Inspired by the likes of Leonard Cohen, Damien Rice and Rory Gallagher, the Luxembourg, Dublin based singersongwriter creates deeply evocative songs. With fluid guitar playing and adventurous soundscapes, Jeremy has proven himself to be the rare artist capable of perfectly capturing listeners’ emotions.


In early 2020, Jeremy emerged with his debut single

"I Don't Want To Stay". Accompanied by a gorgeous video, the song's raw emotion served as the perfect introduction to a talented new artist. Jeremy has since built up a catalog of meaningful songs which he is excited to continue sharing with his ever growing audience. 


Jeremy has won many awards including "Best Original Song" for "I Don't Want To Stay" at the Paris Film Awards and Best Music Video the New York Movie Awards.

Artist Bio

The Engels Share

Dive into this live acoustic version of our new original song "Ocean" We couldn't resist capturing a few acoustic moments while recording our album at "The Vault Recording Studios" in Dublin, and we're thrilled to share this intimate side of our music with you.

About The Engels Share


The duo is made up of Jeremy Engel and Mauve Robichez. Inspired by the likes of Leonard Cohen, Damien Rice or Glen Hansard, they invite you on a journey into an intimate, Irish-influenced folk-rock universe where sweetness and violent feelings are reconciled. Their name, a nod to the famous expression "The Angels' Share" evokes not only the invisible, mysterious part that slowly evaporates from whiskey barrels, but also their music, which distills emotions tinged with subtle aromas and complex flavors.



Jeremy Engel I got caught

Tribute to Rory Gallagher




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